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Hawthorn banish Power Ranger jumper

  • Hawthorn banish Power Ranger jumper

Labelled as one of the worst clash jumpers in AFL history, Hawthorn have already decided that they will abolish their infamous "Power Ranger" jumper at the end of the 2016 season.

Unfortunately for Hawthorn fans, make that all fans in general, the Hawks will wear the clash strip again in 2016 due to a deal with the AFL suggesting that made up clash strips must be made every two years. 

Speaking at the club's AGM last night, CEO Stuart Fox says that he will hand the reins over to the fans but not without laying down the ground rules.

"Don't come back to us with something that is just another version of brown and gold stripes. The requirement from the AFL is that it has to be predominately white, so that had to be the starting point," Fox stated to the crowd in attendance.

While they have been the most successful team in the last 50 years of the competition, Hawthorn haven't been all that successful with clash/pre-season jumpers in the past.

Here's the best of the worst.

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